Dear Friends of GATC:

We have sad news to report today. As of September 1, 2015, the Great American Train Company LLC has ceased operations. We will maintain spare parts for our many customers around the world for as long as possible.

It's been a wonderful eight years with many happy memories! We have trains running on every continent (well, except Antarctica). In fact, you might be interested to know that about half of all GATC trains ever sold were sent overseas to places such as Korea, United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark. However, starting up GATC during the Great Recession and then trying to build it back up again during a slow economic recovery has finally taken its toll.

Until we meet again -- probably while riding a miniature train somewhere in the world -- please accept our heartfelt thanks for your kindness, support and friendship throughout the past eight years.

Best regards,

Great American Train Company LLC

GATC friends